"We have hired Alexander Concrete & Construction to complete several projects around the house.  We live on a hill, so they built a retaining wall, leveled the yard, modified our basement, and a decorative concrete walk was poured...  It turned out great!  Several People have commented on how nice the walk is...  We are extremely happy with the work they have completed.  The owner and his crew were very courteous and respectful of our property."  - B.B.

"I’ve used Josh and his crew on many projects over the years.  On each job he helped me see that the materials, and the procedures he was going to follow, would result in a top quality job.  During those discussions we compare what his job would be compared to maybe a low end job from a low bidder.  I felt much better knowing the difference and how he was not recommending the cheaper approach.  I realize that some homeowners are driven by the cheapest bid but that’s not what I want for my house.  He doesn’t even offer to do a cheap job.  As a business person I’ve learned that a quality job can’t be from the lowest bid - it just doesn’t work that way.  Josh takes pride in the finished project which is exactly the way I view the work I do."   S.K.